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Mega Millions Lottery Greatest Jackpots: Are You the Next?

Why do people play lottery games? First of all, for money, of course. It’s a real chance to change your life completely relying on your luck, statistics and analysis. Lottery is not a free game. To win you need to try. An old anecdote comes to mind when a man asks God why he didn’t help him to win the lottery, as he had been praying for that all his life. And the God answered that he would help if the man at least once bought a ticket.

How to Win the лотерея?

Mere luck is a great thing but sometimes it’s not enough. If you can figure out the appropriateness, you will raise your chances to win.

- Make statistics of the winning numbers in the form of charts, diagrams, etc.

- Analyze the results of past games and winning numbers, using a standard Excel program from Microsoft Office. Experiment with formula combinations to obtain different results of analysis. Try different formulas like the sum of numbers, average meaning, the quantity of odd and even numbers, the percentage of occurrence, etc. Apply different forms of analysis like Fibonacci numbers, numerology, moon cycle, etc.

- Addiction to lottery can lead you into trouble. Spend spare money on the lottery not the money you plan to live on. Don’t be in a hurry to spend money on the next game. Try to make a forecast on the basis of your analysis and see the result.

The History of the Greatest Success in Mega Millions Lottery

Every year, starting from 2004, people have been winning incredible sums of money in Mega Millions lottery. 2007 and 2011 were the most sensational years when players won about $700 million during a year! Statistics shows that California and New Jersey are the leading states for big winners.

- 2004: $294 million were won by a winner from Massachusetts with лотерея онлайн.

- 2005: $315 million were won by a person from California.

- 2005: $258 million were won by a winner from New Jersey.

- 2006: $270 million were won by a player from Ohio.

- 2007: $390 million were won by 2 people from Georgia and New Jersey.

- 2007: $330 million were won by 4 people from Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia.

- 2009: $336 million were won by 2 people from California and New York.

- 2010: $266 million were won from a person from California

- 2011: $380 million were won by 2 people from Washington and Idaho.

- 2011: $319 million were won by a person from New York.

2012 is still waiting for its winner. Do you wish to try your luck?

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